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Education, Languages and Media

Department of Education, Languages and Media

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Mrs. Annie Laurette

Head of the Department of Education, Languages and Media


+248 438 1220


Trusted to broaden and enrich capacity for quality teaching and learning in Seychelles

  • To provide quality education and training for educational practitioners
  • To conduct educational research that improves the quality of education in Seychelles
  • To foster a culture of debate and reflection for educational development



 Trustworthy, Professional, Collaborative, Informed by Research

  • To work in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Seychelles Institute of Teacher Education and other teacher education providers, to offer clear pathways for teacher education and training from Level 6 to 10 on the National Qualifications Framework.
  • To produce quality research that can inform educational policy and help improve the quality of education in Seychelles.
  • To engage all educational stakeholders in debates about educational improvement and to foster a sense of critical reflection among stakeholders.

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