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Student Support

Student Support

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Ms. Carina Albert

Student Support Officer


+248 438 1242

The Student and Information Centre (KONPA) provides assistance to students through the Student Support Services which offers services that complement the academic experience of students.  The experienced team with years of experience in this field are available to provide information, advice, counselling and support to students.  

The University of Seychelles sees Student Support as a vital part of students’ personal and academic development. There may be times during their programme when students would need support and guidance on issues that may affect their ability to study and complete their programme, such as family or personal problem, health problems or financial concerns. UniSey believes that early intervention in cases of difficulty has the best chance of improving one’s experience. To this end UniSey seeks to provide personal and academic support and guidance to its students through a system called student support  structure.

The services offered under this structure are grouped under three main strands:

  • Counseling and Welfare
  • Students’ Union, and Career Development
  • Chaplaincy
The Student Support Services include:

University life is both an exciting and stressful journey for most if not all students.  Therefore, more often than not, students encounter some obstacles which interferes with their academic and personal performance.  During these times when students need to talk to a professional, the Student Support Services team is available to provide free, confidential and non-judgmental counselling sessions.

The Counseling service offers the following:

  • One to one therapeutic counseling
  • Daily drop-in session for students wanting to see a counsellor at short notice and for a short time
  • Mediation between students
  • Consultations with teaching and sup- port staff to support them in their roles
  • Workshops/talks/seminars for students on various topics
  • Counseling is provided in a safe and confidential environment.
Careers Guidance

Are you still unsure of which career path you intend to take once you graduate from UniSey?  Do you have many ideas about your plans but are confused about which choice to make? Are you running low on inspiration or need someone to bounce some ideas off?  The Student Support Services team is here to guide and support you in your career development and employment needs.  


Chaplaincy services are available for students who are in need of some spiritual care and/or emotional support.  This service is part of UniSey’s overall welfare provision and the sessions will allow students time to reflect and explore faith-related issues, as well as develop a deeper understanding of their personal and social issues. Members of the Seychelles Interfaith Committee are also part of the chaplaincy team and together with the Student Support Services team, we guarantee confidential and listening ears and give you time and space whenever you need it.

Students can self-refer or may be referred by lecturers or support staff.

Appointment can be booked directly at the Student Support Office in person or by text, telephone and email.

Counseling sessions normally last up to 50 minutes and student normally attend on a weekly basis.

Short-term or long-term counseling is available according to student’s needs.

The Student Support Services develop and maintain an effective network of external referral agencies and refer students as appropriate and where in their best interest.

The Student Support Services section of KONPA is available from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.  You can walk-in, call or email us for more information.  

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