Introducing UniSey


The University of Seychelles (popularly known as UniSey) was launched in September 2009. It was registered and licensed by the Government of Seychelles as a national university which will offer high-quality, innovative and market-oriented professional, undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes.

During its 10 years of existence, UniSey had become the university of choice for Seychellois students, who obtain both internationally recognised qualifications and specialist home-grown degrees locally. We are working to attract more international students to study alongside Seychellois students. In this way, we will grow as a knowledge hub not only within the Indian Ocean region but beyond.

Each year the range of courses we offer has been extended, including Diplomas, Bachelors and Masters Degrees. Additionally, there is a nucleus of research activity, including the formation of two new Research Institutes, ensuring our students are aware of emerging trends.

The university operates across two campuses. Anse Royale accommodates most of the degree courses and UniSey’s central services; and Mont Fleuri features the India-Seychelles Centre of Excellence for ICT.

The University of Seychelles celebrated its 10th anniversary on 17th September 2019. This showcased 10 years of evolution, devotion and success to working for the improvement of education in Seychelles. UniSey has produced proud alumni over its years of existence as we continue to promote higher education amongst our population.

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