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Information Technology

Information Technology

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Mr. Bijay George

Director of Information Technology



+248 438 1217



Robust Infrastructure

The IT Section remains unwaveringly dedicated to providing reliable systems that are indispensable for both academic and organisational activities.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We are constantly in pursuit of the latest technological advancements to enrich the educational and professional experiences within the UniSey community.

Digital Transformation

Our department plays a pivotal role in digitising and modernising various aspects of the University, thereby enhancing efficiency and effectiveness across the board.


We place utmost priority on ensuring the cyber and physical security of the University’s digital assets, safeguarding data integrity and user privacy.

The Information Technology Section functions as the technological keystone of UniSey. We are responsible for a multitude of tasks ranging from ensuring a secure digital landscape to providing specialised Audio-Visual (AV) services. Additionally, we manage the backend operations of UniSey’s social media platforms, offer web development consultancies, provide technological advice to ministries, and support UniSey and its stakeholders in achieving digital transformation.

Our focus extends well beyond mere technical maintenance; we aim to employ technology as a transformative instrument for both education and administration. Whether you’re a student, a member of the faculty, or an administrative staff, our section is committed to providing the technological support you require at every juncture of your UniSey journey.

        We are responsible for:

  • Designing and managing a robust IT framework that caters to the University’s diverse requirements
  • Providing specialised Audio-Visual (AV) services for various academic and administrative functions
  • Administering the backend of UniSey’s social media platforms to ensure a consistent and secure online presence
  • Offering web development consultancy services to enhance digital experiences
  • Advising ministries on technological aspects to inform public policy
  • Supporting UniSey and stakeholders in achieving digital transformation goals
  • Swiftly resolving technological queries to ensure an uninterrupted digital experience
  • Implementing rigorous cybersecurity protocols to protect sensitive and vital data
  • Sustaining remote learning capabilities through efficient virtual platforms
  • Conducting regular assessments to identify areas for technological improvement
  • Running educational programmes focused on digital ethics and cybersecurity.
  • Ensuring that the University’s technology policies align with current legal and ethical guidelines



To serve as the technological keystone of UniSey, fuelling academic and administrative innovation through state-of-the-art IT solutions while actively contributing to public policy and digital transformation initiatives.


  • To equip the UniSey community with dependable and innovative IT services, thereby elevating the standard of education and administration.
  • To utilise technology as a lever for amplifying academic research and operational efficiency.
  • To cultivate a digitally enriched campus environment that nurtures collaboration, creativity, and scholarly advancement
  • To offer expert technological consultancies and provide strategic advice to ministries.

Microsoft IT Academy Centre

UniSey is a Microsoft IT Academy Centre.

The Microsoft IT Academy programme enables academic institutions to deliver training on Microsoft IT professional, developer, and Office technologies to students.  It also enables academic institutions to offer resources on the latest Microsoft technologies to their educators.

How to access UniSey IT Support services

Email: it*@un****.sc
Telephone: 4381210 , 4381217 and 2824135.
Location: Ground floor, Anse Royale campus

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