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An innovative feature of the UniSey experience is the internship programme. This offers all undergraduate students in both Faculties the opportunity to enter the world of work. This takes the form of two 4-week periods in July, at the end of the first and second years of study.

Internships are seen as potentially valuable tools to explore general career avenues through specific companies.  Such arrangements can provide students with valuable work experience, both practical and for résumé enhancement, as well as an opportunity to line up a job after graduating.  UniSey’s internship programme expects both the organisation and the student to comply with certain formalities.  Whereby the organisation is concerned, the formalities are as follows:

UniSey Expectations of the Organisation:


UniSey expects that companies will inform interns clearly about the work schedule, lunch breaks, computer use/misuse and day-to-day details about the job.  If the intern is working in an industrial facility, ensure that safety issues are clear to the student.  UniSey expects companies to expose the student to as much of an operational experience as possible.

Provide a Mentor

UniSey expects that an experienced mentor be provided to the intern for questions, issues or problems, so that the student experience will be meaningful and productive.  UniSey expects that the mentor interacts with the intern at least weekly and offers guidance to the students when tackling certain tasks.

Treat the Intern as an Employee

The internship process is a time for the company to evaluate the intern for possible future employment and a time for the student to learn about the company’s day-to-day duties and activities.  Hence, UniSey expects that a good way to accomplish this is to show the intern what it is like to be an employee at the company by observing their work ethic and abilities.

Provide Feedback

UniSey expects the company to give reviews, feedback and performance report to the student after completing the internship.


Lastly, UniSey expects that all feedback forms are completed by both the student and the mentor.  These will jointly provide the basis for an evaluation about both the intern and the company, so as to have a structured review at the end of the internship.

For more information, refer to the Internship Policy and Guidelines.

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