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Marketing, Communications and Stakeholder's Engagement

Marketing, Communications and Stakeholders' Engagement

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Ms. Dolivette Chang-Ko

Director of Marketing, Communications and Stakeholders’ Engagement Section




+248 438 1204

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The Department aims for very high quality outcomes in all its production materials and events.


Marketing continuously promotes creativity and innovation for the institutional growth and development.

Team Spirit

Marketing works together with other Departments for the common vision of the University, as well as with its partners to maintain the high standard set.


To promote the University nationally, regionally and internationally in order to make it ‘the choice’ for students to pursue their higher education in Seychelles.

  • To maintain a high standard of the University’s image and brand internally and externally.
  • To build partnership with other institutions and stakeholders to foster an atmosphere of development through creativity and innovation.
  • To explore all channels of communication to ensure that the institution remains highly visible at all times.

The Marketing, Communications and Stakeholders’ Engagement team is responsible for the image of UniSey, marketing of its products and services to generate revenue and ensuring visibility through effective communications to its students, staff and stakeholders.

The brand of UniSey is crucial for its image; consistency, standard and quality should be maintained at all times.

At one point of your student journey, you will be involved in production of marketing materials, promotions and campaigns of UniSey, media and stakeholders’ engagement, events, the use of our logo and branding. All of these will require approval from Marketing and Communications.

From your engagement through Student Council, your Graduation Day, to the point of being an Alumni, our AMBASSADOR! We are here to guide and support you throughout your time at UniSey and beyond!

We are responsible for:

  • Developing, implementing, evolving a brand marketing strategy and marketing plan, aligned with the University’s strategic plan, to help meet the local and international market changes and challenges.
  • Providing strategic marketing advice, guidance and support for senior management, faculties, support departments, and research institutes as required in order to help achieve their agreed contributions to meeting the University’s objectives, including income generation, and to inform their planning.
  • Engaging actively with the media by increasing visibility and disseminating good news, to manage and mitigate reputational risk.
  • Developing and maintaining an excellent relationship with the corporate partners, other stakeholders and friends of the University.
  • Developing corporate-level internal and external communication.
  • Developing and implementing student recruitment campaigns.
  • Managing the University’s marketing and communications channels such as the website and the social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn).
  • Conducting market intelligence gathering and research.
  • Producing marketing materials for promotional campaigns.
  • Instilling and communicating good marketing and communications practice across the University and externally.

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