Leadership and Strategy


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The Executive is the management team of the university and its purpose is:

  • to provide a regular means for senior managers to share information;
  • to comment on ongoing issues and to contribute to decisions; and
  • to provide support and advice for each other.

The Executive members are: 

  • Vice-Chancellor – Dr. Justin Valentin
  • Registrar – Mrs. Luciana Lagrenade
  • Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Development – Ms. Joelle Perreau
  • Dean, Faculty of Business and Sustainable Development – Dr. Bernard Monnaie
  • Financial Controller  – Mrs. Helda Ransoni
  • Director of Campus Development – Mrs. Christine Pejakovic
  • Director of Marketing – Ms. Dolivette Chang-ko

The Directors of the three Research Institutes and Quality Assurance Director are not required to attend the Executive meeting on a regular basis but maybe requested to attend specific meetings.

Minutes of Executive meetings are available except for cases of personal sensitivity and/or when commercial confidentiality is necessary.

The Executive will normally meet fortnightly.

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