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Tourism and Cultural Heritage

Department of Tourism and Cultural Heritage

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Dr. Srimal Fernando

Head of the Department of Tourism and Cultural Heritage


+248 438 1221


The Department of Tourism and Cultural Heritage transcends to a higher level, making it a significant component of our strategy. The Department, working alongside with Faculty expertise, desires to explore effective ways to improve the approach and trajectory of the 360- credit BSc (Hons) in Travel and Tourism Economics (BTTE) degree course. Learning outcomes have become a vital aspect of ongoing curricular enhancement. Our goal is for each of our students to reach their full potential and achieve their goals and the department objective relies on an unwavering commitment to academic excellence.

We are in the process of enrolling international students with our own undergraduate students for 15- or 30-credit semester cross-credit courses. Our department focuses on the most recent trends, prospects, and challenges facing the travel and tourism sector in our degree course. We are additionally widening our collaboration with European and Indian Ocean island universities to provide possibilities for our students and for prospective international student to acquire knowledge about Seychelles tourism The Department of Tourism and Cultural Heritage is a new chapter in the University of Seychelles’ continuous activities. The Department currently has a clear vision for students pursuing the BSc (Hons) in Travel and Tourism Economics (BTTE) degree programme. Our goal is for all of our students to develop their full potential and achieve their goals, and the department’s objective is based on an unrelenting dedication to academic excellence.


To produce highly competitive travel and tourism economists for both the private and public sector.


To produce graduates who can succeed in a travel and tourism economics career in  Seychelles and beyond through a curriculum responding to general and some specific needs of the national and international business contexts

Core Values

RESPECT  – We foster a culture of respect for every person.

TOLERANCE –  We nurture tolerance of beliefs and are receptive to personal points of view and culture of others.

TRANSPARENCY – We encourage intellectual openness, honesty, professional ethics and open communication.

TEAM SPIRIT – We promote team spirit in all our activities, where the faculty, staff and students work together for a common vision and collaborate with our partner institutions to maintain the highest possible standards.

QUALITY – We strive for excellence, consistently aiming for the highest quality outcomes.

INNOVATION – We promote creativity, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit for growth and development.

ACCOUNTABILITY – We espouse the highest level of corporate responsibility and accountability in all our decisions and actions that we undertake.

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