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Education and Socio-Economic Research Institute

Education and Socio-Economic Research Institute

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Mrs. Christine Pejakovic

Director of the Education and Socio-Economic Research Institute



+248 438 1232


The Education and Socio – Economic Research Institute (ESERI) was activated in February 2022 to support UniSey`s contribution to sustainable societal development in education and socio-economic domains. The constructive societal influence, featuring strongly in UniSey`s agenda, comes through advancement of knowledge and innovation and is based on research as a reliable way of identifying challenges and providing informed solutions.  ESERI, alongside other research institutes at UniSey, serves to enable a research-guided beneficial impact on the national level and beyond.


To become a focal point for research in education and socio – economic areas in the Seychelles and the region, with special reference to Small Island Developing States.


To create a forum to develop and disseminate interdisciplinary research to support progressive educational, and socio – economic transformations.

Core Values:
    • Rigor of professional and ethical standards;
    • Integrity, transparency and accountability;
    • Innovation for resilience and sustainability;
    • Interdisciplinarity;
    • Collaboration to achieve aspired goals.


‘Building Knowledge for a Better Tomorrow’

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