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Vision and Mission

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To be a recognised knowledge hub in the Indian Ocean delivering solutions to the challenges of the 21st century, and the university of choice for local as well as for regional students.


  • To advance knowledge fostering excellence in teaching, learning and research.
  • To foster an atmosphere of discovery, creativity and innovation.
  • To build the human resource capacity required to help Seychelles achieve its development goals. 


Core values define the character of the university and are the foundation for future development.

Respect UniSey fosters a culture of respect for every person in the university community as well as intellectual properties.
Tolerance UniSey nurtures a climate of tolerance of beliefs and for the personal point of view and culture of others.
Transparency UniSey encourages intellectual openness, honesty, professional ethics and open communication within the University community.
Team Spirit UniSey promotes team spirit within the University community, where the faculty, staff and students work together for a common vision.  UniSey also works closely with its partner institutions to maintain the highest possible standards.
Quality UniSey uses its resources in striving for excellence, and on consistently aiming for outcomes that are of the highest quality rather than simply satisfactory.
Innovation UniSey promotes creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit for growth and development.


Adherence to these values will encourage the university to aspire to new dreams and to achieve more ambitious goals. Institutional actions have proven to be more authentic and purposeful when the organisation’s values are evident and tangibly manifested in university actions and relationships.  By  living  its  values,  UniSey  will enjoy a  clearer  vision,  fostering  a stronger sense of  unity and cohesiveness, and creating a unique and thriving environment for the university community.

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