Department of Education


Dr. Indra Persaud

Published chapters and articles include:

  • ‘Seychelles Teacher Education’ (book chapter) in the Handbook of Teacher Education (2019, co-authored with Dr S. Marie), HM Studies and Publishing.
  • ‘The Daring Discourses of Teaching Geography’, in Teaching Geography (Autumn 2015) and Geography (2011) 96 (3) 137-142; Geographical Association.‘Island Créolité: the making and re-making of island identities’, in Island Studies, UniSey, 2014.
  • ‘The Daring Discourses of Teaching Geography’, in Teaching Geography (Autumn 2015) and Geography (2011) 96 (3) 137-142; Geographical Association.
  • ‘Insider and Outsider Analysis: Constructing, Deconstructing, and Reconstructing Narratives of Seychelles’ Geography Education’ article in the International Journal of Qualitative Methods (18:1–12), Sage.
  • Conference presentations include ‘Seychelles Blue Economy’ at the RGS-IBG Annual Conference (2016), ‘Unpacking Paradise: Geography Education Narratives from the Seychelles’ at the Annual Geographical Association Conference (2013) and the BAICE Conference (2014).

Dr. Justin Zelime

  • Zelime, J. & Deutschmann, M. (2016). Revisiting the Trilingual Language-in-Education policy in the Seychelles National Curriculum Framework and Subject Curricula: Intentions and Practice.  Island Studies,3(1),50-59.
  • Zelime, J. & Deutschmann, M. (2018). Conflicting Ideologies: When the Ideological Meets the Perceived and Operational.– A study of primary teachers’ attitudes, perceptions and practice of Seychelles Creole (Kreol Seselwa) and English as mediums of instruction in the Seychelles Primary Schools. In Smith, K. (ed) (2018). Norsk og internasjonal lærerutdanningsforskning:  Hvor er vi? Hvor vil vi gå? Hva skal vi gjøre nå? / Norway: Fagbokforlaget,  129-151
  • Zelime, J., Deutschmann, M., & Rijlaarsdam, G. (2018). The effect of the language  of testing on second language learners’ academic performance in Social Studies: The case of Kreol Seselwa and English in the Seychelles classrooms. L1-Educational Studies in Language and Literature, 18, pp. 1-22.
  • Zelime, J. & Deutschmann, M. (2018).  Communicating local knowledge in a foreign language – a comparative study of ideational and interpersonal aspects of primary school pupils’ L1 and L2 texts in the Seychelles. (submitted Deutschmann, M. & Zelime, J. (2014). Towards a Framework  for Investigating Language-in-Education-Policies in Second Language Medium of Instruction Contexts – The Case of the Seychelles.  Island Studies,  ISSN 1694-2582,  1, (1), 68-77
  • Deutschmann, M. & Zelime, J. (2015) I used to like writing in Kreol but now I only use English”: an exploratory study of language attitudes and examination performance among primary and secondary school pupils in the Seychelles: Island Studies, ISSN 1694-2582, 1, (2), 36-45

Mr. Bryan Moumou

ICT Skills for Teachers, (2006);
Information and Communication Technology in the National Curriculum, (2008).

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