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List of scientific articles and books (co)authored by UniSey IBC centre affiliates (in bold) – April 2019 –

Rocamora, G. and E. Henriette. 2015. Invasive Alien Species in Seychelles. Why and how to eliminate them? Identification and management of priority species. Island Biodiversity & Conservation centre, University of Seychelles. Biotope Editions, Mèze, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris [Inventaires & Biodiversité series] 384 p.

Henriette, E., I. Larridon, C. Morel, P. Goetghebeur and B. Senterre. 2015. Revision of the genus Costularia (Cyperaceae: Schoeneae) for the flora of Seychelles, including the re-discovery and resurrection of a rare endemic species.  Phytotaxa 231(1): 31-41.

Bonnet-Lebrun, A.-S., L. Calabrese, G. Rocamora and A. López-Sepulcre. 2016. Estimating the abundance of burrow-nesting species through the statistical analysis of combined playback and visual surveys.  Journal of Avian Biology 47(5): 642–649.

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Brooke, M. de L., E. Bonnaud, B. J. Dilley, E. N. Flint , N. D. Holmes, H. P. Jones , P. Provost , G. Rocamora, P. G. Ryan, C. Surman  & R. T. Buxton. 2018. Seabird population changes following mammal eradications on islands. Animal Conservation. 21: 3-12.

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Labisko J, Griffiths, R.A., Chong-Seng L., Bunbury N., Maddock S.T., Kay S., Bradfield K.S., Taylor M. & Groombridge J. 2019. Endemic, endangered and evolutionarily significant: cryptic lineages in Seychelles’ frogs (Anura: Sooglossidae). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 2019, XX, 1–19’_frogs_Anura_Sooglossidae

Rocamora G. 2019. Eradication of invasive animals and other island restoration -practices in Seychelles: achievements, challenges and scaling up perspectives. In C.R. Veitch, M.N. Clout, A.R. Martin, J.C. Russell and C.J. West (eds.). Island invasives: scaling up to meet the challenge, pp. 588–599. Occasional Paper SSC no. 62. Gland, Switzerland: IUCN.

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