Mr. Ajith Bandara

Senior Lecturer / Head of Department
Department of Computing and Information Systems

Ajith Bandara is a well-qualified and experienced lecturer, with expertise in different aspects of Communications and Information Systems. He has been central to the development of this field at UniSey and is currently Head of Programme.

Ajith’s schooling was in his home country of Sri Lanka, which is where he obtained his various academic qualifications. Starting with a Higher National Diploma in Civil Engineering (awarded by the BTEC in the UK) he progressed to a BSc in Computer Science & Mathematics from the University of Peradeniya. He followed that with a Postgraduate Diploma in Teacher Education Education from the University of Colombo and, later, a Master’s in Teacher Education from the Open University of Sri Lanka. By then, he knew that his main career interest would be to teach computing science and in due course he obtained a Master’s of Science in that subject from the University of Colombo.

His first academic appointment was in teacher training with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Education. When Ajith came to this country, he first took on a lecturing post with the Seychelles Institute of Education, before joining UniSey and leading a small but committed faculty team. His field is changing fast and to keep abreast of this is one reason why Ajith chose to embark on a PhD programme; his subject is that of developing intelligent tutor systems.

In addition to his regular teaching duties, Ajith has undertaken a variety of consultancy projects and short courses on different aspects of IT applications. He is well regarded as a patient and conscientious teacher who is able to explain with clarity often complex topics.

Department of Computing and Information Systems


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For more information, contact the Student and Information Centre on +248 4381225

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Mr. Ajith Bandara
Head of Department
Computing and Information Systems

Anse Royale
P.O. Box 1348
Mahé, Seychelles

+248 4381222

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