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Mr. Brandon Mondon

Information Technology

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Mr. Bijay George

Director of Information Technology



+248 438 1217


Mr. Brandon Mondon is building a reputation as an indispensable asset particularly for his unmatched dedication to resolving user issues. With a keen ability to prioritize user concerns based on urgency and impact, he ensures timely and effective solutions that lead to consistently excellent feedback from end-users. His user-first approach has become a benchmark for customer service within the ITS team, making him a role model.

Beyond user support, he also plays a role in maintaining network stability, diligently managing Wi-Fi access points, switches, and other essential networking devices. As he broadens his expertise into cybersecurity, he is enthusiastically acquiring knowledge in various security protocols and practices to secure UniSey’s digital landscape. His continuous learning, coupled with his expertise in problem-solving and commitment to user satisfaction, positions him as a rapidly rising star in the team.


  • Diploma in Computing and IT (Networking, Infrastructure and Security Major)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Level 1-4 (CCNA)

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