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Mr. Dario Hoareau

Information Technology

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Mr. Bijay George

Director of Information Technology



+248 438 1217


Specializing in software development, Mr. Dario Hoareau is responsible for providing Level 2 Helpdesk support.

He demonstrates expertise in PHP, Java, Dart, and JavaScript, skilfully crafting and maintaining visually engaging, user-centric websites, often utilizing platforms like WordPress. His capabilities extend to web analytics, where he deploys tools such as Google Analytics to rigorously assess website traffic, examine user engagement, and implement data-driven refinements. His analytics insights have been pivotal in optimizing online strategies and elevating the user experience.

Though web-focused, he also offers competent network support at UniSey, efficiently troubleshooting connectivity hiccups and contributing to the upkeep of the network infrastructure. Beyond these specializations, he possesses a broad programming knowledge and a keen understanding of various software development frameworks, enhancing his versatility. His comprehensive skill set is further enriched by his strong problem-solving and effective communication skills, making him a multifaceted and reliable asset to the team  

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