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Mrs Diana Ithier

Quality Assurance

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Mrs. Diana Ithier

Acting Director for Quality Assurance 



+248 438 1235

Diana Ithier is a UniSey Alumni and has been working for the University of Seychelles for 8 years.  She started as a  Quality Assurance Officer in 2015, promoted to Quality Assurance Manager in 2020 and currently holding the post of Acting Director of Quality Assurance since 2021. Her main roles are as follows:

  • Undertakes a leading role in shaping the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Framework in order to promote academic standards of UniSey awards and the quality of the student experience across all of the University’s provision, whether at local, regional, or international levels. 
  • Undertakes Strategic Planning to achieve the objectives of the University Quality Assurance and Enhancement Framework  
  • Oversees the implementation of the University Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures; monitors its effectiveness and recommends changes as necessary. 
  • Ensures that there are effective and integrated quality management processes and procedures in place across the University 
  • Works with UniSey senior managers to ensure that there are appropriate academic structures and policies in place that enable the University to implement its academic strategy, its obligations to its students and which ensure that the University’s good name and reputation is protected and is compliant with external academic quality assurance, regulatory and legal frameworks.  
  • Provides advice and guidance to senior managers in order to protect quality and standards and the University’s good name and reputation. 
  • Plays a leading role for the UniSey in maintaining and developing relationships with the SQA and other regulated bodies 
  • Monitors changes to the national regulatory framework for QA, and more general developments in the Higher Education sector, advises senior staff and proposes action(s) to be taken by the University in response.  
  • Leads and manages the Quality Assurance team to ensure that core elements of quality assurance are delivered effectively and that the team is suitably equipped and experienced to give professional advice.   
  • Ensures that the quality management processes and procedures in place in the international teaching partnerships comply with UniSey’s requirements, are being applied effectively, and are integrated into the work of the faculties, departments and sections. 
  • Co-ordinates the process of accreditation of academic programmes and the Institutions.
  • MSc. in Sustainable Tourism Management – University of Seychelles & Université de Paris 1-Pantheon Sorbonne-IREST (2018). Thesis:” ‘Ensuring the balance between conservation and development on La Digue Island: Can sustainable tourism be the tool to safeguard the natural and cultural aspects of La Digue?’ 


  • BSc. in Business Administration- University of London (2014) 


  • Licence Professionelle en Hotellerie et Tourisme- Université de Paris 1-Pantheon Sorbonne-IREST (2014)  Memoire (Thesis): “LE MARKETING; LE MOTEUR DE L’INDUSTRIE TOURISTIQUES SEYCHELLOISE? “ 


Other Training/CPD: 
  • Webinar by HAQAA2  “How to use ASG-QA in my institution? Presentation of the User’s Guide and application examples.” (January 2023) 


  • Quality Assurance Training for Tertiary Education and Training Institutions in Seychelles1– SQA, TGMI & UniSey (May 2022)


  • HAQAA2 Training Course: IQA-4-Africa – From Pan-African Policy to Practice – African Union & European Union (Nov -Dec 2021)


  • External Quality Assurance in Higher Education- UNESCO/IIEP (April to September 2020) 


  • QA in Higher Education Institution Conference-Council of Higher Education, South Africa- February 2019 


  • Microsoft Outlook 2016- University of Seychelles- August 2018 


  • Sustainable Tourism in SIDS Conference- University of Seychelles-November 2017


  • QA and Self- Regulation Workshop- UniSey (2016)


  • Assessment in Higher Education Workshop- UniSey (2015)


  • Report Writing Skills Short course – UniSey (2015) 


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