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Mrs. Maryvin Morel


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Mrs. Emmanuella Simeon

Director of Finance



+248 438 1233

As the Assistant Accountant, Mrs. Morel’s responsibilities are as follows;

  • Manages projects accounts 
  • Assists with preparing annual budgets and manages monthly budgeting tasks  
  • Enters financial information into appropriate software programs  
  • Maintains the UniSey ledgers and daily financial transactions; identifies discrepancies in the ledgers and accounts, tracking them to the source and correcting them  
  • Handles accruals and pre-payments  
  • Verifies balances in the account books; verifies payments and deposits made through the university account and coordinates with the bank Undertakes bank reconciliations 
  • Prepares the monthly payroll 
  • Manages day-to-day transactions, namely: – Creates daily reports for management and team members; – Posts daily receipts; – Encodes accounting entries for data processing; – Sorts financial documents and posts them to the proper accounts; – Receives and processes invoices and billing statements; – Tracks payments and ensure accuracy of paid accounts;  
  • Assist financial documents such as bills, invoices, pay-orders, payables, receivables and purchase orders  
  • Coordinates and manages payment and billing details of external service providers, contractors and vendors  
  • Records office expenditures and ensures these expenses are within the set budget  
  • Maintains the Petty Cash, ensures that all expenditure incurred are accounted for and have the respective receipts.  
  • Assists the Finance Section staff members with various tasks, including preparing budgets, records, and statements and general accounts payable and accounts receivable duties  
  • Reports on debtors and creditors  
  • Reviews computer reports for accuracy and meticulously traces errors back to their source Undertakes any other relevant duties as may be assigned by the Director of Finance.
  • BSc in Business Administration 
  • Diploma in Business Studies and Accounting  
  • AAT foundation and intermediate stage 
O’ Level:
  • English Language (D) 
  • Mathematics 
  • Commerce  
  • Principles of Account  
  • French  


  • Diplôme de français des affaires 1er degré 
  • CFP 

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