Dr. Jérôme Harlay

Senior Lecturer
Department of Environment

Research Member
James Michel Blue Economy Research Institute

Focus areas: Ocean Acidification, Coastal Ecosystem metabolism

BERI Focal Point: Ocean Chemistry, Chemical Water Quality, Ocean Acidification

Jerome is an environmental scientist how obtained his PhD at the University of Brussels, Belgium, in 2009 in the field of Oceanography. He studied the impact on calcifying phytoplankton of dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) conditions in a Climate Change perspective and expanded his research activities towards greenhouse gases measurement and the processes that affect their distribution, including biological pelagic processes, air-sea exchange and bentho-pelagic coupling. He is an expert in marine carbonate chemistry and a reviewer in several international scientific publications in his domain.

Jerome has been working in different universities and institutes worldwide, including the University of Liege (Belgium), National Fund for Scientific Research (Belgium), the University of Hawai’i (USA). At the University of Seychelles, as a senior lecturer, Dr Harlay is teaching environmental sciences with emphasis on the marine component. As a researcher with BERI, he is interested in the processes occurring in the land-coastal ocean continuum and as a Climate Change expert, in Ocean Acidification.