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Mr. Raymond Anyanwu

Department of Education, Languages and Media

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Mrs. Annie Laurette

Head of the Department of Education, Languages and Media


+248 438 1220

Dr. Anyanwu holds a Doctorate in Educational Psychology (DEd) from the University of South Africa which he was awarded in 2008 and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Curriculum Studies from the Stellenbosch University in South Africa awarded in 2015.

Before joining UniSey, Dr. Anyanwu has been working as a Lecturer with the Seychelles Institute of Teacher Education (SITE). He joined  UniSey as an Associate Lecturer since 2018.

  1. Teaches on the following programmes:

– BEd Primary  

– BEd Early Childhood 

– BEd Secondary (Social Science) 

– BEd Secondary (Mathematics)   

– Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) 

– MA Educational Leadership 

  1. Develops programmes and short courses.
  2. Conducts research.






Anyanwu, RN. & Jules, R. (2022). Doing Action Research: The Experience of Teachers in Seychelles. East African Journal of Education Studies, 5 (1), 14-25.  

Anyanwu, RN. (2020). Looking through the Lens of Complexity Theory: An Evaluation of Climate Change and Coronavirus 2019 Outbreak. Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, 3 (2), 36-47. 

Anyanwu, RN. (2019). The level of climate change science literacy among teachers in Seychelles: implications for the Blue Economy. Asian Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, 2 (2), 1-13. 

Anyanwu, RN. & Le Grange, L. (2018). The nature of climate science: Challenges for the development of climate change science literacy in education. African International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2 (5) 24-34. 

Anyanwu, R. & Le Grange, L. (2017). The influence of teacher variables on climate change science literacy of Geography teachers in the Western Cape, South Africa. International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education, 2017, 1-4.  

Anyanwu, R., Le Grange, L. & Beets, P. (2015). Climate Change Science: The Literacy of Geography Teachers in the Western Cape Province, South Africa. South African Journal of Education, 35 (3), 1-9.  

Anyanwu, RN. (2015). An assessment of climate change literacy and climate change pedagogical literacy of Geography teachers in the Western Cape, South Africa. PhD Dissertation. Stellenbosch University, South Africa.  

Anyanwu, RN. (2008). The implementation and evaluation of a constructivist intervention in secondary school science teaching in Seychelles. Doctoral Dissertation. University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa.  

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