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Mr. Stuart Laing

Blue Economy Research Institute

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Mrs. Sylvanna Antat

Director of Blue Economy Research Institute



+248 438 1232

Focus areas: Natural Resource Economics, Blue Economy Valuations, Ecosystem Valuations, Coastal Marine Ecosystem Monitoring

Mr. Stuart Laing is a natural resource economist and field scientist with expertise in non-market valuation techniques, having used these to elicit use values of the coral reefs in north eastern South Africa and southern Mozambique. He is currently a lecturer in the Department of Environmental Science and a researcher at the Blue Economy Research Institute, at the University of Seychelles.

In his current role he has been involved in and led projects, including: estimating an environmental tourism levy for visitors to the islands; UNECA projects testing and utilizing the Blue Economy Valuation Toolkit for Seychelles; updating the adaptation component of Seychelles’ second NDC; and leading a national perception survey regarding ocean-governance and fisheries related attitudes. His marine expertise has seen him collaborate with local partners to conduct baseline marine biodiversity assessments, where his expertise with stereo-BRUVS are valuable.

Stuart sits on the Finance Committee of the Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust and the Marine Spatial Plan Technical Working Group. Through his broad network he has worked closely with local NGOs, government ministries and the private sector, UN agencies, the World Bank, CEPF, SeyCCAT and he conducts reviews of regional reports. His technical skills have seen him gaining a sound understanding of the natural world, assisting him in attempts to bridge the gap between science and economics.

  • Master of Commerce 
  • Bachelor of Economics (Honours) 
  • Class IV Dive Supervisor (South African Department of Labour) 
  • Class C Skipper, Diving and Surf-launch endorsements (South African Maritime Safety Authority) 
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  • Laing, S., Etongo, D., Antha, S, Bristol, U. and Hoareau, K. 2022. Survey of Perceptions on Ocean Governance, Fisheries Management and the Blue Economy. Department of Blue Economy and Third South West Indian Ocean Fisheries Governance and Shared Growth (SWIOFish3) Project. pp 68 


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