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Ms. Uvicka Bristol

Department of Environment

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Dr. Nuette Gordon 

Head of the Department of Environment


+248 438 1220

Uvicka joined the University of Seychelles in September 2015 as a research officer with BERI. She assists researchers with various BERI research projects. From 2015 to 2017, as one of the leads on an IORA project, she focused on developing a managed network of environmental research in the Western Indian Ocean. She continues to maintain this network while working on other BERI research projects. She also coordinates BERI’s grant portfolio.

Uvicka holds a BSc in Environmental Science (Honours), specialising in Climate Change Resilience, obtained from the University of Seychelles. As part of her specialisation, she did her research on the ‘Evaluation of coastal management policies in relation to the adaptation of climate change’. Uvicka has worked for the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change as an Assistant Project Officer as well as Sustainability for Seychelles, Global Vision International and the Program Coordination Unit (PCU) for a survey on water abstraction in Val Den D’or.

Since joining BERI she has benefited from various international training opportunities. She is an Australian Award fellow on two programmes: Ocean Governance and Sustainable Fisheries (2016) and CSIRO Blue Economy: Blue Carbon  (2017). 

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