Education and Socio-Economic Research Institute


Focal Point 1: Education 

  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment 
  • Multilingual Education 
  • Inclusive Education 
  • Learning and ICT 
  • Educational Leadership and Management 
  • Education and Social Processes 


  1. Language Supportive Pedagogy – A pragmatic compromise for multilingual education in South of Sahara Africa? (ongoing) 
  2. The impact of family and media on L2 development in early childhood in a multilingual society: The case of the Seychelles (ongoing)
  3. Language Supportive Pedagogy (LSP) in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)  – Towards an international community of practice (formulated for funding) 
  4. Networking for additive multilingual education in SSA (formulated for funding)  
  5. Understanding understanding – Supporting understanding in the classroom through the understanding of curricula structures (formulated for funding)
  6. Towards additive multilingual education: Intervening with first language support in Mathematics, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences (formulated for funding) 


Focal Point 2: Socio-Economic Matters 

  • Interrelation of economic and social factors  
  • Social values 


  1. Social characteristics of Journalism in the Seychelles (In collaboration with Seychelles Media Commission and the Worlds of Journalism Studies) (Ongoing)

Education and Socio-Economic Research Institute

Dr. Olga Klymenko

Acting Head of ESERI


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