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International and Local Engagement

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Mrs. Prema Servina

Senior Manager of International and Local Engagement Section



+248 438 1245

The tropical climates ranging from very cold, dry weather on mountain peaks to hot, humid weather in valleys.

Ecologists look at plants, animals, insects, microorganisms, soil, and climate to learn how ecosystems form, and how they remain stable. In tropical ecology, researchers are also interested in the impact of human activities such as logging, tourism, and settlements on the environment, and ways in which humans can use the environment sustainably.

This one-week program makes full use of the unique local environment of Seychelles and gives participants the opportunity to explore this fantastic living laboratory and discover the uniqueness of the Seychelles environment. The topics are complemented by field and laboratory works which exposes participants to this well preserved environment and ecological diversity.

Programme Details

For more information, download the Tropical Island Ecosystem programme leaflet.

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Submit the completed Education Tourism Programme Participant Registration Form by email to il**@un****.sc

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