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All borrowers are issued with a valid UniSey ID card for loaning out books as follows:

Academic Staff 10 books at a time for a period of 8 weeks*
MPhil/PhD Students 5 books at a time for a period of 4 weeks
Students 3 books  at a time for a period of 2 weeks*
Non-academic staff 1 book at a time for a period of 2 weeks

General Books

Staff may borrow up to ten books at a time for a period of 8 weeks, subject to renewal if not requested by another reader.  In cases when a student might need a book borrowed by a staff member, priority given to the student.

Students may borrow up to five books at a time for a period of 2 weeks, subject to two renewals if not requested by another reader.

Reference books

Reference books do not circulate except for class use.  Lecturers are requested to pick up the reference book themselves from the Librarian and return it immediately after use.


The latest issue of a periodical may be borrowed for the weekend only, and should be returned before 9:00 a.m. on Monday.  Loose back issues may be borrowed any time for a period of one week.


Students should responsible for all materials charged on my library card, to report a lost library card at once, to observe library rules and to pay promptly all charges.

  1-7 days 8-14 days 15 days or more
General Books SCR 5.00 per day SCR 10. 00 per day SCR 15.00 per day

Lost Items/Refunds

Users will be assessed a fee for replacement or repair of lost or damaged materials they have checked out.  The Library will not hold users responsible for items lost or damaged in fire, flood or by theft.  If an item is lost, the user will be required to pay for the library material.  Once paid for, the item belongs to the user.

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