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Library Services for External Users


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Mrs. Marie-France Loze

Senior Librarian


+248 438 1227

External Users

“External users” are defined as those users who gain access to the UniSey library services facilities on a basis OTHER THAN their membership of the UniSey Community.  The UniSey Community includes UniSey students, full-time and part-time staff.

To qualify for External User membership a person must belong to one of the following categories and will be registered at the Anse Royale campus library.

  • Individuals pursuing scholarly research.
  • Students and academic members from other institutions.
  • Corporate members. Corporate membership is a membership paid by organisation for their staff to use library facilities.
Library Services for External Users

External Users will have full access to the university library after payment of the membership fee.  All external users are required to comply with the Library Policy and Procedures.

For those who wish to consult Library materials or seek information sources are requested to contact the library staff for permission as follows:

  1. Clearly describe materials and information required.
  1. Make an appointment within the opening hours with the Library staff.
Membership Fees
Individual MembershipPer month*SCR   250.00
Corporate MembershipPer yearSCR 7,200.00
  • Members will use the UniSey library services. i.e. normal library operating hours shall be maintained and therefore there will be no additional cost.
  • Members will use the library books for reference ONLY and they will not be entitled to borrow books.
  • Corporate members will have unlimited number of staff utilising the services.
  • SCR 25 per hour for anybody external to use the libraries, but not paying monthly fee, paid up front.
  • It is assumed that each Corporate member will have at least 3 staff subscribing for the service throughout the year.
  • Before using the library services, members must pay their membership fees at the Accounts Department and submit receipt to the librarian for access to library resources.

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