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Welcome to the University of Seychelles

Library and Study Room

Library Policy and Procedures


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Mrs. Marie-France Loze

Senior Librarian


+248 438 1227

Library Users are expected:
  • Adhere to policies governing appropriate use of University identification.
  • Present identification upon request.
  • Comply with library policies.
  • Library users are free to report any complaints concerning library services to the Librarian.
  • Bags should be left in provided location at the entrance.
  • The University of Seychelles provides computers in the Library for UniSey students.  Computers are provided for academic and research purposes.
  • Laptop computers may be used in the library at your own risk provided the cords do not interfere with walkways or the use of the laptop does not alter the setup of any library equipment

Behaviors that infringe upon the rights of library users or staff are prohibited. Prohibited activities and behaviors include, but are not limited to, the following.

Library Users are not expected:
  • Exhibit any threatening or intimidating behaviors, e.g., abusive language, threats of violence or harassment.
  • Engage in behavior that is potentially unsafe or harmful to self or others.
  • Create disturbances with disruptive noise, e.g., loud talking or audible electronic devices.
  • Engage in any sexual activities including, but not limited to, unwanted or inappropriate touching, unwanted or inappropriate advances, harassment or indecent exposure.
  • Use alcohol, tobacco or controlled substances.
  • Obstruct use of Libraries equipment or facilities, or deny access to Libraries materials through theft or deliberate misplacement.
  • Deface or damage library materials including, but not limited to, underlining, highlighting, writing, removing pages or security devices.
  • Misuse, misappropriate, damage or deface library furniture, buildings or equipment, including computer systems.
  • Have food or drink in areas where they are prohibited.
  • Leave personal belongings unattended.
Cell Phone
  1. Cell phone usage is prohibited in the library. Library users should make and receive calls outside area of the library. 
  2. Library users should turn cell phones to vibrate or silent at all times while in the Library. Use the silent signal function as the alert for incoming calls.  Users who do not have the silent function feature should turn the audible signal to the lowest volume.

The library accepts no liability for loss of personal property left at the entrance. 

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