Mrs. Annie Laurette

Senior Lecturer / Head of Department
Department of Languages and Media

Holder of a university degree in Foreign Language teaching and a Master in Education. Career in Education started 30 years ago as a French language teacher for Secondary level, before moving on to Teacher training at the School of Education in 2005. Has been working with UniSey since 2009 as a lecturer and progressing on to Senior Lecturer at the Department of Languages and Media.  Since 2009 has been the Head of programme for Languages before becoming Head of Department for Languages and Media.

Mrs. Laurette has been lecturing on a wide range of modules for BA French related to linguistics, literature and pedagogy, and has developed and facilitated a number of short courses for UniSey students and staff as well as for corporate units. Has been engaged in programme and course development (Bachelor in French, Diploma in Journalism, BEd English) and institutional governance (member of the faculty Board and Management team, member of Senate and UniSey Academic Committee). Her scientific interests are in the sphere of teaching and learning in a multilingual context. Carries out research in plurilingualism. Has participated in collaborative published research work.

 Corporate Engagement

  • Head of the Department of Languages and Media
  • Member of Senate
  • Local Director of the Confucius Institute (April 2016-jan 2017)
  • UniSey representative on the Commission Nationale de la francophonie

 Subjects taught (BA French- UniSey/UR)

  •  Le commentaire littéraire
  • La dissertation littéraire
  • La civilisation et littérature francophone
  • Le roman, la poésie, le théâtre
  • La stylistique
  • La morphosyntaxe, la sémantique
  • La phonologie
  • Techniques d’échanges oraux
  • La communication écrite et orale
  • Analyse de pratique de classes 1 et 2
  • Les situations de langues en contact

 Scientific interests: Didactics and pedagogy, plurilingualism.

Married, three children.


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Contact Us

Mrs Annie Laurette
Head of Department
Languages and Media

Anse Royale
P.O. Box 1348
Mahé, Seychelles

+248 4381220

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