Faculty Boards

Faculty Boards are often considered the motors of an academic community, large enough to make their own strategic decisions but small enough to be close to students and staff. In the governance hierarchy, Faculty Boards are sub-committees of the Senate, to which they report.

Terms of reference for each Faculty Board are as follows:

  • to determine the learning programmes, teaching and research within the Faculty;
  • to ensure that all students receive the best possible learning experience;
  • to ensure an appropriate level of professional development for staff;
  • to develop research policies that reflect the priorities of the Faculty;
  • to ensure that proper mechanisms are in place to demonstrate high standards of quality to internal and external assessors;
  • to agree and implement the academic organisation of the Faculty;
  • to prepare plans for the further development of the Faculty, for consideration in the first instance by the Senate and subsequently by the Council;
  • to communicate its activities effectively within the Faculty and more widely across the university community.

Membership shall comprise:

  • the Dean of the Faculty (Chair);
  • the Heads of Programme in the Faculty;
  • representatives of subjects in the Faculty elected by and from among the academic staff;
  • representatives of subjects in the Faculty elected by and from among the learners;
  • any other members who can contribute to the effective operation of the Faculty.

Faculty Boards will normally meet three times a year.

Faculty Board Members

Faculty of Arts and Social Development

Mr Justin Zelime – Chairperson

Mrs Vicky Rachel – Executive PA

Mr Ajith Bandara – Head of Department of CIS

Mr Bernard Songwar – Assistant Head of Department of CIS

Mr Annie Laurette – Head of Department of Languages and Media

Dr Olga Klymenko – Assistant Head of Department of Languages & Media

Mr Bryan Moumou – Head of Department of Education

Mrs Penda Choppy – Director Creole Language & Culture Research Institute

Mrs Betty-Mai Sofa – Head of Department of Health and Social Development

Mrs Dongxia Wang – Director of Confucius Institute


Ms Aleca David – External Board Member

Mr Denis Rose – External Board Member

Mr Fabian Palmyre – External Board Member

Mr Gerard Lafortune – External Board Member

Mr Gilbert Lebon – External Board Member

Mrs Linda William-Melanie – External Board Member

Mrs Marie-Reine Hoareau – External Board Member

Mr Michel Pierre – External Board Member

Mrs Nadia Lauricourt – External Board Member

Dr Odile Decomarmond – External Board Member

Mrs Patricia Rene – External Board Member

Ms Thyra Faure– External Board Member


Ms Merna Eulentin – Alumni Representative


Faculty of Business and Sustainable Development

Mr Paul Kangethe – Head of Department of Business

Ms Nuette Gordon – Head of Department of Environment

Mrs Kelly Hoareau – Assistant Head of Department of Environment

Ms Diana Benoit

Mr Lester Omondi – External Board Member

Mrs Josianne Bristol– External Board Member

Mrs Audrey Nanon– External Board Member

Mr Divino Sabino– External Board Member

Mr Guy Morel– External Board Member

Mr Eric Kemp – External Board Member

Ms Lissa Bristol – External Board Member

Mr Naadir Hassan   – External Board Member

Mrs Rachel Onezime– External Board Member

Governing Body

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