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Health and Safety

  • Develop, review and monitor the implementation of the Health and Safety Policy and procedures
  • Advise on the required sub-committees to assist with the implementation of the policy and procedures;
  • Conduct annual Health and Safety Risk Assessment
  • Prepare an annual activity plan for the Health and Safety Committee
  • Prepare a Master Evacuation Response Plan including monitoring an evaluation
  • Propose specific areas of health and safety to be outsourced to industry experts e.g. Occupational Health Unit, First Aid training, Red cross, Fire Safety, ( Fire Brigade), Public Health Authority and Ministry responsible for organizational health and safety etc.;
  • Address other health and safety issues such as
    • work related accidents
    • health and safety training
    • emergency procedures
    • changes in the workplace affecting the health
    • safety and welfare of employees
  • Conduct annual review of the policy

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