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National Engagement

Terms of Reference


The National Engagement Committee (NEC) is a consultative committee of Senate, aimed at promoting collaboration between UniSey and its local stakeholders in a common endeavor to respond to and provide for our societal needs.

The NEC endeavors to engage with local partners and organizations/individuals and propose ways of furthering UniSey’s interests through these engagements.

The NEC aims to ensure that the country at large benefits from these partnerships, and the university is seen to be benefitting the country.

Organisation and Membership

The National Engagement Committee reports to the Senate.

The Chairperson of the Committee is appointed by the Vice Chancellor.

The Chairperson in turn appoints other members of the Committee.

The committee should have a minimum of eight (8) members.

The members of the committee should be representative of the university’s various functions and interests.

A valid meeting of the committee requires a quorum of more than half the total members present.

The Committee serves for a 2-year term.

The Committee meets on a monthly basis.

The Chairperson of the committee convokes the monthly meeting.

The Chairperson may appoint another member to chair any meetings that need be held in his/her absence.

Upon its first meeting, the committee elects a secretary to take minutes of meetings and provide members with copies of each minutes in good time for the next meeting.

Members who fail to attend three meetings consecutively without valid reason must provide an explanation in writing to the Chairperson.

The Chairperson has the power to dismiss any member of the committee for reasons that may be deemed valid by a majority of the committee members.

Valid reasons for dismissing a member include: (i) inappropriate behavior that may be deemed to be harmful to the university’s image, especially with regards to stakeholders, (ii) violent or disrespectful behavior towards the committee while it is in session, (iii) missing more than half of the committee’s meetings over a period of one year.

Should the committee face a decision that requires voting, a two-thirds majority of the members present must be attained for the decision to be rendered valid.


Mrs. Penda Choppy

Ms. Indra Persaud
Ms. Petra Lesperance
Mr. Georges Nicette
Ms. Uvicka Bristol

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