Commonwealth of Learning

Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration and Public Administration (CEMBA/CEMPA)

Anse Royale
Academic Direction From
Commonwealth of Learning
Business and Sustainable Development
Study Level
Master, Postgraduate

Registration Deadline: 31st May 2023

About the Commonwealth of Learning

The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) was inspired by the vision that the peoples of the Commonwealth must and can have access to knowledge, regardless of where they live and whether they are rich or poor. It was created by Commonwealth Heads of Government in late 1987 and became operational in early 1989. 

The Commonwealth of Learning is an intergovernmental organisation, with headquarters in Vancouver, with a mandate to widen opportunities for learning in the Commonwealth member states by promoting the development and sharing of ODL resources and communications technologies.  

Overview of the CEMBA/CEMPA Programme

The CEMBA/CEMPA Programme is designed to help busy practicing professionals, managers and public service officers gain a higher level of competency and develop an international perspective and global outlook. The Programme is flexible – offered on a part-time basis while using a learner-centered system so students can continue to work while accessing higher education. 

The Programme provides comprehensive and in-depth coverage of challenging issues through core, elective and project courses in Management and Public Administration.

The Programme significantly benefits from the excellent learning materials developed by individuals from top Commonwealth universities and institutions.

The Programme is modular and allows for multiple exit points, in response to the requirements of working managers and administrators. The terminal certification for the two streams is the Executive MBA and Executive MPA degree, respectively.


2 Years Part-Time (Students may set their own pace for the Programme and must complete it within five (5) years)


Language of study

The programme is offered in English.

Target Audience

This programme is for you if you are:

  • A practicing professional
  • A manager, or
  • A public service officer

Desiring to gain a higher level of competency and develop an international perspective and global outlook on Business or Public Administration.

Programme Structure

The CEMBA/CEMPA Programme consist of four components:
(1) Core Courses
(2) Specialist Compulsory Courses
(3) Elective Course
(4) Required Courses

In order to complete the programme, the candidates will need to take 15 courses in total, comprising of 8 core courses, 2 specialist compulsory courses, 3 elective courses and 2 required courses.

Core Courses

The CEMBA and CEMPA streams share the following core courses:

  • Managing Information Systems
  • Management in Organisations
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Operations Management
  • Economic Environment of Business
  • Public Systems Management
  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Marketing Management
  • Accounting and Finance

Specialist Compulsory Courses

Each stream has two (2) specialist compulsory courses.

CEMBA stream:

(1) Strategic Management

(2) Quality Management

CEMPA stream:

(1) Public Policy

(2) Development Planning and Administration


These electives are SHARED between the CEMBA and CEMPA streams:

  • Electronic Commerce
  • Project Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Policy Analysis and Implementation
  • Contemporary Administrative Systems
  • Disaster Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Marketing
  • Business Ethics

Required Courses

There are two required courses:

(1) Research Methods

(2) Project

Entry Requirements

In general, admission to the CEMBA/CEMPA Programme requires the following: 

  • An undergraduate degree with good standing
  • A minimum of two years of relevant post-qualification experience
  • Residency within the Commonwealth country where the Programme is offered (in this case Seychelles)
  • A working knowledge of the English language at the post-graduate studies level
  • Satisfactory score in the CEMBA/CEMPA Admission Test



SCR75,000 per year

2 years = SCR150,000

*Fees are subject to change

The University offers flexible payment plans and special tuition fees for self funding students. Kindly contact us for more information regarding these fees.

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